We make the food you love future-proof and more delicious than ever!

From Singapore to Hong Kong and Bali to Seoul, award-winning chefs answered the bamboo call and turned our favourite food into luscious healthy meals. Join us for lunch! We’re open daily until 5 PM.

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Crafted by chefs

Delicious just got real! Each one of our bowls has been crafted by a celebrated chef who has fine-tuned the art of eating and created his own exceptional version of a healthy and future-proof meal.

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Good for you

Our bowls are all plant-based compliant. We don’t use sugar and all our vegetables are 100% organic. Low-carb options are also available for those watching their intake.

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And the planet

We believe that More Plants and Better Meat can bring us a long way. All our animal proteins are ethically sourced and we constantly look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

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